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Organization Profile
Zircon Power Solution Limited Co is formed by the gathering of experience marketing directors and engineers who have an experiences of more than 30 years, who want to use their experience in order to bring something new and beneficial to the society. In this digital era, there are so many competitors. However, our company is the producer of the best uninterruptible power supply products branded as Zircon which distinct us beyond our competitors. We also are the importer and the retailer of many various electrical equipment solutions the are produce from the world leading manufacturer. Zircon Power Solution Limited Co. is a company that have a certification of being a manufacturer that have a standard in producing its products, certification in its warehouse inspection, certification for delivery, certification in selling, and certification for after sell service. The uninterruptible power supply products of the company passed the standard of ISO 9000, as well as the standard inspection system from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute before the products are sold in the market.

Objectives and Goals
The company as a manufacturer and retailer wants to create a product that is beneficial to all levels of the consumer, whether it is individual level, organizational level, or even national level. We want our products to create confidence to our consumers that their computers or other electronic devices will be securely protected from electrical problems that might happen. Our competitive advantages that we have over our competitors are from our products and our employees. Our products are certified by consumers all over the world on its quality as well as our competence employees. Our products and employees are constantly trained and natured by our mother company, because we want our employees to help the organization reaches its organization goals. We guarantee that our product is the best product in existence, as well as already being certified by major organizations and institutions around the world. In the production line of our products, we used the newest technologies to create a product that passed all the standard measurements of all the countries around the world. The organization itself, as well as the employees are specialized in marketing and engineering fields. Therefore, our after sold service could also be a competitive advantage that we have over other organizations. We guarantee that the price that our consumers paid will be extremely worth. Our after sold service is extremely quick and fair, as well as could reach to many market segments. We are also open for opinions from our consumers and take those opinions extremely seriously in order to create the best experience for our consumers.
Our Customer

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