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Register Warranty
Warranty Policy
After Sales Service
  1. The warranty will be completed only when the buyer should register the warranty products through Line Official: @ zirconups www.zircon.co.th or within 7 days after the purchase date if the company would consider an exception to the warrant.
  2. The company will only guarantee the spare parts inside the machine. Duration according to the conditions specified by the company from the date of purchase.
  3. If the product has a problem, a new product can be exchanged within 7 days * according to the specified conditions.
  4. The device which causes damage in the following cases Will not be covered by the warranty
4.1 Damage caused by misuse as specified in the instruction manual.
4.2 Damage caused by modification or repairing by a technician who is not an employee of the company Or technicians at the company Disapprove
4.3 In case of groundbreaking Damage the dented platform and scratched paint

Precautions for installation and using
  • UPS should be installed in a dry area subjected to electromagnetic waves or chemical residues which may be hazardous to the equipment and at risk of direct sunlight.
  • Should not open the lid As the UPS will still operate even if no utility power is connected
  • ​To terminate the UPS for a long time, turn off the UPS and disconnect the power plug of the UPS and must charge the battery every 3 months to prevent the battery from deteriorating if the UPS has not been used for more than 3 years. Months, the battery charge method is Plug the UPS into 220 V and turn on the UPS. Allow the battery to charge for at least 10 hours.
Providing general post-warranty services (Extra service for old customers)
  • Repairing defective products
  • Provide door-to-door repair service (option)
  • Trade-in services for UPSs with sizes from 1 kVA-500kVA.
  • Customers can purchase product warranties in order to extend the warranty period with the same conditions as the product warranty.
  • Providing temporary rental service for temporary installation In the case of a machine failure and it is necessary to use
  • Consulting services for all types of electrical problems


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