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How to Install Software UPSilon2000.


        UPSmart is monitoring software for single UPS developed on RS232 / USB interface. When mains input is normal, UPSmart can display the input voltage, output voltage, frequency, load, battery capacity and many other parameters with real time data curves. When mains input is abnormal or other fault occurs, UPSmart can save the document automatically, make the system turned off safely and automatically send alarm information by email or SMS messages. With UPSmart, users don't need to worry about any loss to the system caused by the abnormal mains power; Users can make the necessary processing for the first time, and learn the historical operation information of equipment through query historical data and events saved in the system.

(1) Real-time data monitoring of single-phase and three-phase UPS
(2) English and Chinese language switching
(3) Auto email events notification
(4) Auto SMS events notification
(5) Auto sense Mains break off and UPS battery
(6) Setup auto on/off time
(7) Support timing schedule or special schedule
(8) Real-time display UPS status in digital, graph and data
(9) Set up off countdown time and the interval of each warning
(10) Set up UPS self-testing time
(11) Auto close program and files saved before system auto-off
(12) Record and analyze the power state
(13) Support DB9 and USB connection
(14) Support SNMP Agent function

How to Install Software UPSmart.


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