During heavy rain, often electrical appliances and almost every type of electrical equipment There is a risk of electrical surges in many places, causing power outages and power failure. If it is a home electrical equipment such as air conditioners, TVs, stereos, etc. We cannot control the power failure occurring. But if it is a computer And other connecting devices used both inside the home Or general office Most of the time Will have uninterruptible power supplies for use.

From talking to users in many professional fields Therefore know more information that Some users Still not understanding the benefits of using uninterruptible power supplies. And many people have a misconception about how to use it, so in this article I will talk about the benefits of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) as well as tips on how to extend the service life. In a format that is easy to read and understand

The benefits of uninterruptible power supply is divided into 3 main points as follows

- Preventing power failure, power surges, and power outages

- Backup power to have time to save data Makes the data file undamaged

- Backup power to computers, printers, monitors, telephones, which are basic work-related equipment.

Tips for extending the useful life

1. Turn off the backup power every time after the end of each day.

2. When there is a power outage, surge or power failure, the uninterruptible power supply will provide us with time to save the data. The backup time depends on the features of that model. Which each model will have different features Both the time of backup power and price.

3. Connecting the cable to the uninterruptible power supply Need to connect to the right channel, because some channels, such as the Printer will protect only power surges. But will not reserve power for continue use If connected to the wrong channel Then caused a power failure or power failure Will result in the computer and equipment shutting down immediately

4. Regularly inspect the wires and be careful of rodents and squirrels.

5. Should test the use of uninterruptible power supplies by turning off the switch or plug. To check that Are the computers and equipment being used off? If the device does not back up power May be caused by the battery running out. The battery should be changed immediately. (Usually 1 battery will last for 2 years, depending on usage)

"Always turn off the uninterruptible power supply After completion of use To make the battery last longer "

This will enable us to use uninterruptible power supplies more efficiently. Data will be safe every time the power goes out!